Personal Training

Setup Personal Training and/or Small Group Training w/ Jess Cone @ CrossFit Tigard

- Learn Barbell Basics & Beastyfit App programming in order to perform individually or progress into attending Jess Cone Barbell Classes 

- Receive in-depth individual coaching on learning and improving specific movements such as...

  • Gymnastics Skills - Kipping Pull-ups, Toe-To-Bar, Butterfly Pull-ups, Muscle-ups, Handstand Pushups, Double Unders, & More
  • Olympic Lifting & Power Lifting - Clean, Snatch, Jerk, Deadlift, Squat, & More

- Focus on individual needs and goals such as...

  • Injury Rehab & Mobility 
  • Fat Loss & Muscle Leaning
  • Weight Gain & Muscle Building
  • Sports Performance  
  • Nutrition
  • And More!


Personal Training Pricing Options

Note: Available times for Personal Training may be limited @ CrossFit Tigard due to room availability